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A Community of Learners

Our Learning Environment



Our learning environment reflects our mission and values.


Beautiful Classrooms. 

Our engaging classrooms are organized into centers to support children’s learning and development. Our centers include areas for pretend play, blocks, writing, art, science, a library, and a comfy place to read.  Our walls are covered with children’s art work and our shelves crowded with books and ongoing art projects.  Each classroom also has a special chair (la silla especial) surrounded with photos of family members and comfort place with a lovies from home.  Children are able to go to the special chair whenever they want.  Importantly, a child is never sent to the special chair.  All of our classrooms also have a tree with a heart where we outline our guiding principles – school is a safe place, to feel well, to learn and to grow. 


Backyard Playspace.

The ample backyard playspace has room for running, jumping, and playing. Outside we create chalk murals, blow bubbles, play with our gigantic parachute, swing, slide, and climb.  We also play soccer, ride tricycles, and scooters. 


Bountiful Garden.  

Our school garden is our outdoor classroom.  It provides opportunities to plant a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, harvest what was sown, and taste the harvest at snack time or through cooking activities.  


Community Center.

One World Project is not only a school but also a community center where we host activities and events so that people from different backgrounds can come together to learn, create, discuss, listen, discover, and build friendships.