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Growing a New Generation of Educators en Español

Applications are open for One World Project’s free Counselor In Training Program. Held at One World Project, the CIT program meets from July 1 to July 12 (no training July 4 and 5).

One World Project’s unique and innovative CIT program includes CPR & first aid certification, information on social and emotional development, mediation, open-ended art, and hands-on experience in a Spanish-immersion learning environment. It also includes time to observe, opportunities to practice what is learned, and space to reflect on experience in small groups and through daily journal entries.

Post training, selected CITs will be invited to work as a CIT at summer camp for one to six weeks. Those 14 years and older with work permission will be paid $15 per hour for work post training.

Requirements: fluent Spanish speaker, community-minded, team-player, and role model.