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Counselor in training (CIT)

growing a New Generation of Educators en Español

Applications are open for One World Project’s free Counselor In Training Program. Held at One World Project, the CIT program meets from July 1 to July 12 (no training July 4 and 5).

One World Project’s unique and innovative CIT program includes CPR & first aid certification, information on social and emotional development, mediation, open-ended art, and hands-on experience in a Spanish-immersion learning environment. It also includes time to observe, opportunities to practice what is learned, and space to reflect on experience in small groups and through daily journal entries.

Post training, selected CITs will be invited to work as a CIT at summer camp for one to six weeks. Those 14 years and older with work permission will be paid $15 per hour for work post training.

Requirements: fluent Spanish speaker, community-minded, team-player, and role model.

The goals of the program is to provide meaningful training and work experiences and inspire our CITs to embark on a journey to become forward-thinking educators.

Last year, OWP developed and tested its CIT curriculum and received encouraging feedback. This is what our first cohort of CITs said:

“Something I learned that I will take with me is the idea that there is never a bad kid but only a kid who needs help, a kid who needs support. (...)  I have learned how to welcome children’s enthusiasm rather than quiet them down.” (CIT Summer 2018, age 17)

“I learned that you should not say what the kids do not have to do, but rather what they have to do, how to use positive discipline (asking kids if they need a break, rather than telling them what to do), I liked how the teachers taught kids things in a fun way. I loved being with the older CITs I was impressed with how responsible they were.” (CIT Summer 2018, age 11)

“ There are many kids with allergies some with extreme allergies. There are certain precautions an individual must take in order to protect the student.  I also learned how to us an Epi pen” (CIT Summer 2018, age 16)

“When I started working at OWP it was amazing.  I expected a typical summer camp at first and it was not at all what I expected.  Even just the art showcased around the school caught my attention. It was very unforgettable and I can’t wait to work there again.”  (CIT Summer 2018, age 17)