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302 Vanderbilt Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11218
United States

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A Community of Learners

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One World Project, a community grows in Brooklyn.

Our Story

One World Project (OWP) was born in 2012 with the aim of promoting cultural understanding and environmental sustainability through meaningful community, after school, camp, and early childhood education programs.  

Our Purpose

  • Care through cultural awareness and environmental sustainability

  • Cultivate understanding through multilingualism

  • Create opportunities to explore, discover, and build friendships

Our Values

We believe all people have rights and responsibilities associated with living in an interconnected, global world of immense diversity.  Our goal is to increase compassion, promote equality, and mutual understanding between people and with our natural environment.

Our Approach

1. We Focus on Social and Emotional Development

  • Foster Empathy and Cooperation

  • Appreciate diversity to value what is human in us all

  • Practice empathy

  • Learn to respect the rights of others

  • Aim to solve problems peacefully

2. We learn by Doing. Through Real Experiences. 

  • Intentionally design classrooms and select materials

  • Create invitation to explore and discover

  • Nurture authentic experiences through free and structured play and provide ample moments of learning

3. We use gradual language immersion

  • Visual references to support comprehension

  • Routines and repetition to bolster vocabulary

  • Teachers paraphrase and self talk to enhance language development

4. Capturing Interests and Understanding Motivations

  • Build partnerships with OWP families to better understand interests and motivations

  • Align curriculum to what children love to do