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A Community of Learners

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Mission & Values

The mission of One World Project is to nurture global citizens and stewards of the environment.  

Global Citizens

At One World Project, we understand that we are part of a global community. Having contact with diversity, with different languages and traditions, images, music, food, smells, and art will enrich us and help us become more complete and aware human beings ready to make positive contributions to the world around us.

To reach this potential we encourage children to develop a variety of skills and traits including respectaffectionempathycooperation, the ability to work together to find solutions to problems, and the recognition of independence united with responsibility.

 We teach the following concepts to help children develop this potential:

  • We appreciate diversity to value what is human in us all. We are all different and yet we are all the same and able to understand each other to build friendships.
  • We practice empathy at all times and keep in mind the background and individuality of each person in our community in the way we act,  talk and learn.
  • We learn to respect the rights of others. We talk about them and the declaration of human rights. Our curriculum development and content are intimately related to the needs and concerns we share with other human beings. 
  • Our space exhibits different cultures and other materials that awaken our interests, such as maps and globes. There is always a world nearby to think about. 
  • As we learn about cultures of different people, we discover and appreciate different foods, animals, fashion and toys that they use – everything related to that place.
  • We always have books and materials related to different places and situations, including books and materials in different languages. 
  • We learn to celebrate diverse holidays and traditions from specific cultures and communities as well as international days that help us build mutual understanding and a sense of global responsibility.
  •  We open our doors to people who want to share their experiences of different places in the world through stories, foods, songs, writing, stories, etc.
  •  We have contact with other schools around the world and learn and share with them.
  •  We aim to solve problems peacefully through techniques of positive discipline. We focus on solutions that we can find together and believe this process helps us create a better world.
  •  As teachers and staff members, we share where we are from, our traditions, family histories, and celebrations with our children and with each other.

Stewards of the Environment

One World Project offers a curriculum in which children build strong connections with the natural world and learn to take pleasure in its exploration and discovery to ultimately appreciaterespect, and take care it.

  • We model respect for the environment and responsible use of energy and natural resources: we turn off lights, we turn off the faucet, we use school resources responsibly, we practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and we respect and take care of all living things around us.
  •  We help students build a positive and rather than destructive relationship with the environment: we teach what is healthy for plants and animals around us and the kind of care we should give them.
  •  To build the above understanding, we teach students to take care of the classroom and our plants and animals. We encourage curiosity and reflection in various ways, such as examining a plant or animal around us and how we should treat it, what it eats, where it lives, what are its likes and dislikes, and how we can contribute to give it a better life.
  •  We offer student recycled materials to use in their projects and artistic creations and we encourage them to find their own as well.
  •  We create projects using natural resources from the environment. We bring them to school to observe and study them and use them to create art and build toys.
  •  We select units that make us more conscious of the diversity and the richness of our planet.
  •  We explore the consequences of our actions on the planet and the living things that inhabit it.


 One World Project  .

One World Project