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A Community of Learners

Start of the School Year


Entering preschool is an important experience for your child.  We have a proactive plan to help all children adjust to their new environment, routines, teachers, and classmates.

Before the start of the school year we:

  • Circulate a class list to help facilitate playdates and build community;
  • Set up a 30 minute home visit where you child’s teacher will meet with your child and begin to forge a relationship;
  • Share the shortened schedule which is crafted to help ease the transition to school;


At the start of the school year:

  • We invite you to come into the classrooms during the first week of school and encourage you to stay until your child is comfortable and able to engage with teachers and peers.
  • Please support your child in exploring the classroom and selecting an enjoyable activity.
  • When your child is settled, take time for a warm goodbye and exit.  It is best not to linger.  Prolonged goodbyes may give your child a message that there is reason for concern. Do your very best to show that you are confident that your child is in a good place, with good people and maintain an upbeat tone.
  • Teachers will help with separation if you and/or your child need one-on-one support. Remember, children are very resilient and often go from meltdowns to engaging happily in an activity in a very short period of time.
  • Please plan to have someone available at the beginning of the school year to support your child’s adjustment to school should your presence in the classroom be necessary.


One the first day of school:

  • Please allow enough time to have a calm morning with your child and arrive at school early, without having to rush.  This extra time will give your child an opportunity to say hello to teachers and to adjust to the environment.
  • Bring an item from home – a stuffed animal or other comfort item and/or a family picture for your child to keep in her/his cubby.
  • Provide a seasonally appropriate change of clothing to be left at school; a twin sized sheet and blanket to be left at school for naptime; a water bottle; lunch packed in a lunch box or bag; and a backpack. If your child is not potty trained or needs to wear a diaper during naptime, please also bring a week’s supply of diapers and baby wipes. Please label all personal items.


Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you and your child make a smooth transition to the school year.