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302 Vanderbilt Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11218
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A Community of Learners

Our Values

We believe all people have rights and responsibilities associated with living in an interconnected, global world of immense diversity. Our goal is to increase compassion, promote equality, and mutual understanding between people and with our natural environment.


One World Project Values

Curiosity. We are all learners. We take initiative, investigate, and reflect. We see mistakes as opportunities to discover and grow.

Authenticity. We are real, in how we relate to each other, how we present ourselves, and in what and how we teach.

Openness. We strive to understand others and seek opportunities to forge friendships with people from diverse backgrounds. Multilingualism helps.

Stewardship. We learn about the world and take action to take care of it.

Imagination. We think big, take risks, and explore new ideas.

Collaboration. We take responsibility for our actions and together we work to solve problems.