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A Community of Learners

Community Building

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Community Building

Community Building is an important priority of OWP. We work toward this goal by holding regular community events, opening up OWP Family Institute sessions to the broader community and initiating the OWP Community Committee to allow for monthly community conversations and regular feedback and input on OWP’s programs. We opted to form the OWP Community Committee to emphasize our hope and desire that parents, neighbors. and anyone part of the OWP community -grandparents or caregivers for example - would participate. We also open our doors to a host of community classes and initiatives so that people from different backgrounds can come together to learn, create, listen, discover, and build friendships. These have included community art classes, Talking to Parents about Race workshop, Solidarity Sundays, Sex Ed 2.0, and Using Theater to Rehearse Conversations About Race and Racism With Kids.