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Thank you for filling out the below application for enrollment. Please know that One World Project enrolls children on a wholly nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation of applicant's families. We seek to provide students with the opportunity to meet and make friends with children from all backgrounds. Whenever possible, we balance the class by age, gender, and Spanish-language skills.  Additional costs may apply for bus trips. One World Project reserves the right to cancel a session due to insufficient registration.

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Tuesday, October 1st - One Day Camp: Malleable Structures
We will engage with beautiful, high quality, soothing materials to create art.
Wednesday, October 9th - One Day Camp: Wonderful World of Rampas!
We will learn about and create ramps - we will explore how and why they improve mobility.
Monday, October 14th - One Day Camp: Fall Leaves
We will collect, study and make art with Fall leaves - feeling their texture, comparing colors and exploring shapes and forms.
Tuesday, November 5th - One Day Camp: Build & Create Upcycle Camp
We will use upcycled materials and our imagination to build and create.
Monday, November 11th - One Day Camp: Art & Activism
We will learn about ways to use art to be activists.
Monday, January 20th - One Day Camp: Hopes & Dreams
We will learn about MLK Jr’s dream and make art to express our hopes and dreams.
Monday, February 17th: Global Artist Workshop - Day 1
Tuesday, February 18th: Global Artist Workshop - Day 2
Wednesday, February 19th: Global Artist Workshop - Day 3
Thursday, February 20th: Global Artist Workshop - Day 4
Friday, February 21st: Global Artist Workshop - Day 5
Thursday, April 9th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 1
Friday, April 10th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 2
Monday, April 13th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 3
Tuesday, April 14th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 4
Wednesday, April 15th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 5
Thursday, April 16th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 6
Friday, April 17th: Seeds & Chefs - Day 7
Tuesday, June 9th - One Day Camp: Trees Around
We will be learning about the trees in our neighborhood.
Wednesday, June 10th - One Day Camp: El día del agua
We will study water’s many fascinating and important characteristics. We will do science experiments with water, make art with water, and of course if it is warm we will get to play outside with water too!
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